SEAPAC has, since the company's incorporation, remained loyal to its core values and beliefs in the way that the business is operated. At SEAPAC we firmly believe that ship-stores must be a trusted partnership between us and our customers.

With an invaluable wealth of ships-stores experience and knowledge, we always aim to achieve the highest standard in service to all our customers. That is why SEAPAC has gained its place as one of the most recognized and trusted names in the marine-supply industry.

At SEAPAC we understand that no matter how small or large the customer's requirement, the same care and professionalism must be taken every time as we know the importance of delivering a first class ship-supply service. Ship supply is our business, it's what we understand, are knowledge is unsurpassed and that is why we are the leading Kakinada independent ship supplier. Dedicated one-stop supplier to the marine and offshore industry


We are a company which encompasses and embraces the traditional values and beliefs of what a traditional ship chandler should represent, at the same time remaining at the forefront when developing modern methods in how to best serve our customers through supply chain solutions.

We have all the commitment, enthusiasm and experience that a good ship supplier needs, alongside this we are also striving to show ourselves as something a little different, a company with a vision for ship supply that means doing the best we can, whatever it takes, to provide the customer with what today's shipping business needs.

Whether it is down to sourcing specialized engine spares, supplying the freshest foods, servicing safety items on board or complying with environmental issues, at SEAPAC we truly understand the complete needs of the maritime industry.

Remaining loyal to our core values, we endeavor to sustain a trusted partnership between ourselves and our customer, coupled with an invaluable wealth of sector knowledge and expertise. SEAPAC always aim to achieve the highest standards of service to all our customers and from these values we have gained a place as the most recognized and respected chandler in maritime supply industry.


Today the marine industry requires qualified personnel with understanding of the shipping needs and operations with the ability to recognize and respond creatively to all changes of the market.

We take care of your orders in a fast and efficient way offering you priority at your satisfaction; consequently your ship's crew can enjoy real good quality products.

Our commitment is to make our standard offers more accessible and affordable, always challenging new technology needs.


One of the vital reasons for our success goes to our highly qualified and experienced team of multilingual employees who are ready to serve and offer you a guaranty of chandelling, with fast delivery response time. In this aspect we have a dedicated team of fully trained professional operation executives ready at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year, lead by a capable and reliable operations manager with more than 10 years of shipping agency operations, we at SEAPAC believe we have the formula to meet the high expectations of vessels Owners/ Operators/ Charterers.

This operation team is backed by a business development, accounts & disbursements team who works together to ensure our customers' needs are always met without reservations.

All your quotations are answered according to any of your order requests, and there is no bar or time limits as our team are ready to serve you at any crucial hour of the days round the clock.